Zinc Mine Museum – Peter Zumthor

Zinc Mine Museum – Peter Zumthor Photo by Arne Espeland

One of the things I’ve enjoyed about research Peter Zumthor’s work is how he takes architect and combines it with nature. His work also varies in locations, such as Switzerland, Austria, and this one is set in Norway.

Overview of the Allmannajuvet, location of the mines. Photo by Arne Espeland.

The Zinc Mine Museum is one of Zumthor’s most recent projects set to open this summer of 2016. Along with the museum, a small café is in the process of being built to attract more tourists to the isolated area. The museum is designed to tell the story of the zinc mines in Allmannajuvet in Sauda, a remote part of Norway. It will be made of four timber structures, with the service building being attached to an existing stonewall.

Service building attached to the stonewall. Photo by Arne Espeland

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