Wonderworks in Florida

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Wonderworks is an indoor amusement park and museum for what they call “edu-tainment”. I visited this wacky place in Panama City, Florida two years ago. It was not something we originally had on the agenda for the week, but when we first arrived to Florida and drove past this building we could not help but stop.

As you can see it was built to look like the entire building is upside down. Even when you enter the building, the ceilings still seem flipped and it plays many tricks on the eyes.

I had a great time here learning random facts and seeing some wacky things overall. It left me feeling loopy at times, but it was definitely worth the fun experience. I recommend visiting if you get the chance!

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4 Responses

  1. I imagine it would be a little unsettling walking into this. Still its a cool concept and would be worth checking out.

  2. Hayley Maun says:

    I have visited a wonder works building before but it was in South Carolina! I remember it being very weird inside and almost makes you feel dizzy a lot of the time. It is full of cool things to do. It is definitely a must do thing if you are near one!

  3. NyEsha Bunch says:

    This is a interesting building. This would be a cool place to visit.

  4. NyEsha Bunch says:

    This would be a cool place to visit. I like how everything is upside down.

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