WinStar World Casino

WinStar is the largest casino in the united states based on area of gambling space, It is located in southern Oklahoma right off I-35. Its gaming floor is 519,000 square feet. The exterior of the casino features many famous types of architecture from all over the world including Big Ben, the roman colosseum, European castles, a replica of the town hall in Florence Italy, foundations of far east Asia, and several more. The interior is full of famous architecture as well. ¬†You enter the casino through a door that looks like New York’s Grand Central terminal. Inside there is a part of the casino with an Egyptian theme, the Brooklyn bridge, and the statue of liberty. I have been to WinStar three times, each time it is overwhelmingly massive. It is crazy to me the attention to detail throughout the building, everything is based on famous areas or cities around the world. I would recommend stopping by, it is an easy detour on the way to or from Texas.




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