Willis Tower Greening – Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill


Willis Tower in Chicago which used to be known as Sears tower will be redesigned by Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill to create a more green building. Their plans intend to reduce the energy consumption by up to 80%. I find this project particularly interesting because our team project revolved around the government’s role in sustainability and I had the opportunity to learn about different types of sustainability projects. I have also been to Chicago and been to the top of this tower and the view from the top overlooking the city is incredible, especially at night. This project will redesign the building and include window replacement, improved water systems that reduce water usage by 40%, updated lighting systems that use daylight, and potentially renewable energy options such as green roofs.

This project also includes a hotel to be built on the south side of the tower. The addition of the hotel raises the question of the reduction of  energy from the project, but the hotel is intended to run on energy saved from the update of the tower. The hotel introduces sky gardens, solar decks, a double walled exterior, and green roofs. The building will reach a Gold LEED rating. I hope to see this project accomplished because I would love to go back and visit Chicago and have the chance to experience and appreciate a green building project first hand.

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