Warren Theater

Most of you have probably been to the Warren more than once. It is an amazing theater from the tall neon green pillars that great you before walking in the doors, the size of the screens, the heigh ceilings, and classic movie theater feel make it a great overall experience. Walking in the doors all the neon lights remind you of the classic theaters you see in movies and on old TV shows but with a modern take. The Imax part of the building is what I think is the most impressive, it is the largest in the county and it really makes for a great movie exsperience. Another interesting aspect to the Warren theater is that you have the option to sit up on a balcony and enjoy a nice dinner while watching a movie. I have seen many premiers at the Warren and plan to see many more.


balcony warren warren


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  1. The Warren is such a different experience every time. It’s so great and I can remember every time I have been there so clearly because there is something different happening each time. The Director’s suites are also really fun, with the sofa-chair seating and meals and drinks delivered to you during your movie. Great write-up.

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