Walker Tower

My first experience with Walker Tower was during Camp Crimson of Summer 2014. I thought the rooms were nicer than the room my older brother had when he lived in Cate, and I was happy when I found out I would be living in Walker during my freshman year. However, I quickly found out about all the cons of living in Walker that year. The walls were very thin, and I could easily hear my suite-mate’s music. The shower also clogged constantly, and the elevators always broke down which was inconvenient as I lived on the 11th floor. Xcetera, the convenience store in Walker, was also very overpriced, so I never went there to buy food. Walker

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  1. Nick Ackels says:

    Walker Tower is a building that desperately needs to be renovated. The bathrooms are a big turn off because they are small and the drainage system is not great. Many other dormitories at other universities have sinks and mirrors in the rooms, which would be a big advantage. They need to do some deep cleaning because there was a lot of mold and unhealthy ventilation. Many people were constantly getting sick in those dorms. I am not a big fan of Walker Tower.

  2. Dylan Perry says:

    It has poor design in my opinion, it almost feels like a dirty hospital building. The floors would constantly be dirty no matter how many times I swept or vacuumed from all the dust.

  3. I completely agree with this post. Although, I felt that Walker was better than all the other dorms. Dorms in general were not the best living situation. The bathrooms were awful as well as many would get sick quickly, as I got strep two times that year. Xcetera was a huge bonus though.

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