University of Oklahoma Walker Center Residence Hall.


Walker tower was the dorm I was unfortunate to inhabit two years ago, though I would probably say that about any dorm. I first encountered the dorm in 2013 and found it to be nothing special and typical. I do find the design to be interesting. That is the tower is shaped like a plus sign, or an x. I could never figure it out. I think it is an x. The dorm goes up 12 stories if my memory serves me well. There were five elevators so people would not have to climb the stairs, which would be a drag the higher up your floor is. Unfortunately, most of the time not all the elevators were working at the same time. Not only that, but sometimes the elevators would not function correctly, and would skip floors, essentially skipping your turn to get off the elevator. The fact that there was at least one elevator that was always broken, and the elevators did not seem to function properly at times showed me just how little OU seems to care about its students. Although typical of dorms, the rooms are pretty small especially when you take into account that the rooms are meant to house two people at once. You then have one toilet and shower to share between 4 people. I had an unpleasant experience with this residence hall, and I was excited to finally move out of this horrendous building. I do not believe I would of had a better experience living in any of the other dorms. The building is meant to provide students a place to live with as little accommodation as possible in my opinion. It serves that purpose well, but there are better housing choices off campus that I would recommend over this particular one.

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