Union Trust Building-Louis Sullivan

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The Union Trust Building was constructed in 1892 and is located in St. Louis, Missouri. The architect behind this historic building is the one and only Louis Sullivan. He is well known for designing skyscrapers during his time, and revolutionizing how they were built and viewed.

The Union Trust is built in a “U” shape. Originally, (as pictured on the left) it had incredible, largely rounded windows and a striking arched entryway. Later on in 1924, the building was renovated (as pictured to the right) and the circular framed windows were removed. At 14 stories high, it was once the tallest building in St. Louis for a few years. Today it is known for it’s unique and detailed ornamentation that spans throughout the three different sections of the building.

Personally, I like the original style of this building with the circular window panes. I am happy they kept the arched front entryway because it compliments the “U” shape extremely well as a whole. And of course, the detailed ornamentation of Sullivan’s work is something I strongly admire and enjoy.

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