Theme Building (LAX)


The gateway to the world at Los Angeles International Airport “LAX” the Theme Building is what represents a once grand and glorious day of traveling and going to Airports. This iconic structure used to be a revolving restaurant. Most recently it was the restaurant “Encounter” which sadly closed its doors in 2013 and has not been reopened since. The building is currently closed due to pre-security concerns because of where it lies in the middle of the main airport terminal complex outside the pre-security zone according to TSA. Sadly I don’t think it will ever reopen.

I have been flying in and out of LAX since I was an infant, ever time I go to LAX I always see this building. Its only thing that makes LAX an interesting airport. Other than that, LAX is one of the worst airports in the US, security is garbage, there is practically no inter-terminal connection between terminals 1-3 and terminals 4-8 inter-terminal connection is hidden in a very strange place, just before you exit the terminal to go to baggage claim in the arrival level. And lastly TRAFFIC!!! But despite the large amount of criticism this airport gets, it does have its unique charm and character that exist in it’s Theme Building.

Facts: Built in 1961. Architects: Pereira & Luckman, Paul Williams and Welton Becket. Mid-Century Modern or Googie style.

Los-Angeles-International-Airport-LAX LAX_LA

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