The Vdara Hotel

This hotel in Las VVdaraegas is fairly new, opening its doors 6 years ago. Rafael Viñoly designed the hotel, and it is apart of a group of hotels and shopping centers on the Las Vegas Strip called the City Center. This hotel includes around 1,500 hotel rooms and has a very unique curvature to the building. This unique curvature did have some bad side effects though. Just after the building opened, people found out that the sun would reflect off these windows and cause specific areas of the pool deck to be extremely hot. The designers were aware of this problem and thought they solved it by installing a film to help reduce the intensity of the sun’s rays bouncing off the building. A few months after the opening, a guest was relaxing by the pool and became uncomfortably hot and reached for his sandals to walk to the shade, but they were extremely hot as well. After making it to the shade, he noticed that his hair was scorched. The employees of the hotel call it the “Vdara Death Ray,” and this death ray only affects a small portion of the pool deck depending on the angle of the sun, where this area is around 30˚ warmer in that area. I have only visited this hotel and the center a couple of times, but it has a very cool exterior design and also some interesting interior features that were pretty amazing. This hotel does not include a casino and is completely smoking free throughout the entire property, which helped this hotel earn a certificate for environmental friendliness. Another interesting feature about this hotel is that this hotel does not have traditional hotel rooms. All the rooms are suites that residents in Las Vegas or from anywhere can purchase and then rent out these rooms through the hotel when they are not in Las Vegas. This hotel is very sleek and modern with many unique features with a new take on hospitality on the Las Vegas Strip.

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  1. dave boeck says:

    the importance of understanding the effects of your design

  2. Very true! A very important part of designing buildings is understanding how the building will interact with the environment.

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