The Stratosphere


Another cool structure on the Las Vegas Strip is the Stratosphere. This observatory is the second tallest observatory in the western hemisphere behind the CN Tower in Toronto. The Stratosphere is over 1,100 feet tall and has rides and few dining options at the top of the tower. One of the rides allows thrill-seekers to spin in a circular motion over the edge of the Stratosphere at almost 40 miles per hour. People could also bungee jump off the Stratosphere. I’ve only been to the Stratosphere once and I decided to stay on the structure, as I am not really into rides. Although it was not as exciting, the view from atop the Stratosphere was really amazing, as it is the tallest structure in Las Vegas. It was really cool to see the Las Vegas from this angle, although you cannot really see that far into the distance, as the mountains that surround Las Vegas do not let you see much beyond them. When I first saw the Stratosphere when I moved to Las Vegas, it reminded me of the Space Needle in Seattle, except much taller. Ned Baldwin, creator of the CN Tower in Toronto, constructed the Stratosphere 19 years ago. The Stratosphere was originally supposed to be the tallest observatory tower in the western hemisphere; however, the FAA ruled that it might interfere with air traffic, if it was that tall. No matter how tall this structure is, the Stratosphere will continue to be a great tourist attraction for thrill-seekers or people looking to see Las Vegas from a different perspective.

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2 Responses

  1. dave boeck says:

    I’ve stayed and gambled there

  2. I can’t say I’ve done that, but you can get a great view of the strip and the entire city.

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