The Sculptured House – Genesee, Colorado


I have passed this house for years and have always been amazed by it. I have see it in documentaries, short television segments, book, and magazines. This house is somewhat of a famous waypoint in my opinion. The house is located just west of Denver up in the mountains of Genesee, Colorado. The construction of the house started back in the early 60’s by an architect by the name of Charles Deaton, who also was the lead architect in the construction and design of Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City.
Many people refer to the home as the “Flying Saucer house”, or the “UFO house”, from it being perched close to the top of the mountain overlooking the towns below. When it’s night and it’s lit up it looks like a flying saucer floating over the top of the mountain. The house is also made of an exterior alternating pattern of glass and wooden beams allowing for great amounts of natural sunlight and amazing views from all around.

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