The Rustic

The Rustic in Uptown Dallas is a restaurant, bar and outdoor venue that always produces a lot of fun. The building itself has a unique design with three separate structures overlapping with each other. Once you walk in, there is a large bar to the right of you and a lot of seating all around. There are seated tables if you want a more intimate setting where you can order food. There are high tables with tall stools if you still want to sit but a little more casually. There is a large bar if you just want to grab a drink. The inside is connected to the outside of the bar, with what looks like large opened garage doors. This way, when you are inside you feel like you are still outside. The outside is lit up with lights hanging all across the area. There is a big stage that reads “The Rustic” in big florescent lights. There are tables with benches and grass to play games in. The Rustic is a fun place that always brings me a good time. When I am there I enjoy myself and do not have to think about anything serious. The old-school artwork and pictures they have hanging around adds to the “rustic” feel.


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