The Luxor in Las Vegas

This uniquely designed hotel on the Las Vegas strip opened its doors 22 years ago. Veldon Simpson was the architect who designed this hotel, basing its design off of the pyramids in Egypt. The inside part of is very interesting and feels very open, as there are around 450 suites lining the interior walls, allowing people on the ground floor to see all the way up to the top point on the pyramid. I, however, might have either painted the walls on the interior, instead of just leaving them as concrete or even shine colored lights up the corners to help reduce the blandness. I have never been inside one of their hotel rooms, but I have walked inside the Luxor. In addition to its unique design, this hotel has a sky beam at the very top. This sky beam shines light into the air in the night from around 40 xenon lamps. Engineers and architects were able to use mirrors and these lamps to shine this bright light into the air. I was surprised to see this once I visited the Luxor, and have always wondered how it can be so bright. This sky beam is the strongest beam of light in the United States and I believe the world. Planes from over 250 miles away can see this sky beam, and supposedly, this sky beam cLuxor Hotelan be seen from space. This sky beam is an interesting architectural feature that adds to an interesting design for a hotel.

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3 Responses

  1. dave boeck says:

    talk about using classic historic architectural form!

  2. such an interesting structure. A very fitting crazy hotel for Vegas

  3. Going back to the old, classic design that has stood the test of time! A really cool structure that adds to the many different looking hotels and buildings on the Las Vegas strip.

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