The Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health

This interesting building designed by famous architect Frank Gehry has a very unique design. This building is located in LaLou Ruvo Center for Brain Healths Vegas, just off the strip. This center is one of the leaders in research for many different diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ALS, and many others. Larry Ruvo started this charity and center in remembrance of his father, Lou Ruvo, who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. According to the charity’s website, this building has 18,000 stainless steel shingles, each cut a different way and 199 windows, where no window is alike. I was fortunate enough to visit this building for a class field trip a few years ago. I was amazed when I saw this building in person and it immediately reminded me of another building Frank Gehry designed, the Guggenheim in Bilbao. I really like this building because it is very unique, interesting, and isn’t just another cookie-cut building. The inside of the building also have many unique designs, such as hallways having an arched shape, rather than the normal square or rectangular shape. There is also an open room, where the ceiling resembles the outside of the building, all curvy or wavy shapes, along with the many different looking windows. I had a great time on this field trip, and this different building really made me enjoy its uniqueness and Frank Gehry’s creativeness, as there are not many other buildings like this one.

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  1. What an incredible building! It’s so clever that they picked such a creative and interesting design for a place that researches the human brain. That also seems like a large amount of windows for a relatively small building, which I’m sure makes for a bright and beautiful environment inside. This is the type of building I would love to see in person, because I’m sure it’s even more astounding.

  2. It is a very outstanding building, that I would suggest most people try and see in person. It is just another one unique building that Las Vegas has to offer!

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