The Lighthouse, Glasgow – Charles Mackintosh



The Lighthouse is actually the renamed version of the Glasgow Herald newspaper. The building was complete in 1895, and was yet another development designed by Charles Mackintosh as a way to intertwine and connect the links between architecture and creativity. He was always pushing the ideals that each of his works is a different take on creativity, art, and design. The most notable part of this building is the Mackintosh tower or the “lighthouse” part in the north part of the building. It is very well known for its unobstructed views of Glasgow and gives a complete view of the city uninterrupted by other towering buildings or trees. The exterior of the building also has somewhat of a blended color palette of bronze stone and and darker brown stone. it almost gives the building a feel of an old factory in my opinion but the fine craftsman ship and design of the borders of the stoneworks and rooftops tell a different story. I think this building is once again an artistic architectural masterpiece from Mackintosh that is open for interpretation from anyone and everyone.

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