The Hobby Center


This is the Hobby Center for Performing Arts, which is located in Houston, Texas. Many Broadway shows are performed here and this is the place where my high school had the privilege of performing all of our musicals. I was involved in theatre all four years of high school and this building holds a lot of great memories I have. I remember my freshman year when I had the opportunity to be in my first high school musical performance and got to perform on a real stage. I had always looked forward to the day I would get to perform at the Hobby Center because I grew up going to all of my school’s musicals as well as seeing many other Broadway performances there. One of the coolest parts for me was getting to be backstage because we got to have the fancy dressing rooms and I got to see how everything worked backstage and see everything from a much different perspective than just being an audience member. The week before our performances was called “tech week” and we would spend all day for a whole week at the Hobby Center. We would go in the morning and stay until late at night. For that whole week we pretty much lived and breathed the Hobby Center. Those weeks were some of the best weeks of my life because we always had so much fun backstage and I made so many new friends and memories during those weeks. One of the sweetest memories I have is the last show of my senior year when the entire cast stood in a circle on the stage and held hands and sang this song we would sing before every show. The Hobby Center is more than just a building to me. It is a very important place that holds many special memories.

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