The Hill House – Charles Mackintosh

Charles Mackintosh actually was accompanied by his wife in the design of this home. They worked together to try and design an elegant and clean cut home for a famous publisher by the name of Walter Blackie. I think this is probably the most freedom Mackintosh had when designing all of his masterpieces, and I get the feeling he had the most enjoyable time on designing this as well. Charles and his wife Margaret were in complete control of exterior, interior, and even had some of the say in what the surrounding grounds should look like and how they should be kept. Mackintosh was said to even want the details to come down to the specific flowers that were grown and cut to be used in the living and dining rooms. He wanted everything to be set to a specific tone and color and didn’t like the idea of throwing any of that off, just from some small flower decor. The House is now owned by the National Trust for Scotland and is located just outside of Glasgow.

I think it is pretty interesting to see all of his past works come together and I think it is pretty awesome to be able to see some of his repetitive and what seems to be his more favorable exterior structural techniques, like the rounded brick with scattered windows for natural light. It seems like Charles Mackintosh was very interested in pushing the boundaries and tried incorporating a variety of shapes and levels to the house as well. Mackintosh also took a very personal touch to this house. He supposedly followed the Blackie’s family around for a couple days and tried building the house from the inside out. He wanted to make it more than just an average home. This is probably one of the most interesting designs I have researched from Charles Mackintosh because he has complete control and the ability to create his work of art without any of the restrictions he had while working on other projects. The Hill House also now carries a haunting story of a tall slender man dressed in black with a long black cape that apparently walks the halls, and then disappears into certain rooms.


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  1. I think its cool that your architect took the time to follow the family around and really try and make it a normal house, but also makes it interesting on the outside. If they built the home I wonder if they know who the mysterious man is?

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