The Broken Arrow Museum


This is a museum on main street in my hometown of Broken Arrow, OK. It was built in 2008 near the original Katy Train Depot, which was the center of the town in the 1900s. The Broken Arrow Historical Society Museum’s  facility is built in the style of the Indian Territory architecture that flourished on Main Street in 1904. Its mission is to gather and preserve local and regional history and artifacts that enrich the heritage of the city. It may be relatively small compared to most museums, but it contains many great exhibits that illustrate the history of the city. Exhibits celebrating the Native American culture of the area,  a tribute to the town’s veterans, the Broken Arrow athletic Hall of Fame, and much more are all contained in the museum. This building helped bring some life back to a downtown area that was becoming stale. It is a must see place if you are from the Broken Arrow or Tulsa area because of the rich, historical significance. If you aren’t from the area, it is still a fun place to visit to learn about a town that’s been around for one hundred fifteen years.

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  1. I think modeling the building that displays artifacts of Native American culture after Indian Territory style of architecture that has dominated Oklahoma is a great idea. Although not many realize that architecture is important, the building just adds to the history of their culture.

  2. dave boeck says:

    I need to visit Broken Arrow for sure

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