The Big Ben – London, UK

The first time I have seen the Big Ben was two years ago, during my study abroad in London. It was surreal and felt like a dream at that time. I never thought I would be in London. I remember walking out of the busy tube station, hauling my luggage, and up in the blue skies was the clock tower. It was then; I knew I was in the moment, in London.

That same day, after we had settled in to the penthouse we were staying at, we went on a boat ride across the river. This second afar encounter with the Big Ben was more of a touristy excitement, where I took all the photos I could.

Being able to see the clock tower in person was really impressive. First, it was a reality sign of: I’m actually in London right now. Second, the detailing of the whole tower and the buildings next to it was amazing. Lastly, the view at night is even more incredible. The lighting placement makes every shadow and arch of the structure stand out.

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