The Ballpark in Arlington

The Ballpark in Arlington is home to the Major League Texas Rangers. This has been a structure that has always been near and dear to my heart. Ever since I was a child I attended baseball games as a young Rangers fan. Opened in April 1994, The Ballpark was state of the art and one of the biggest in the league. Though it was opened over two decades ago, The Ballpark is still one of the premier parks in the league, and remains one of the largest. When I entered the park for the first time I was overwhelmed and excited. I would not have rather been anywhere else at that moment. The foyer was large and packed with different places to buy things. There was an area for kids to hit home runs like the pros with a plastic bat. There was a large fan shop with everything you could want. Once I walked into the stands and saw the field for the first time I was fascinated. The grass was perfectly trimmed and green. Maintenance crews were spraying the sand with water and sweeping it in a certain direction. There is an art behind getting the field set perfectly and they knew just how to do that at the Ballpark.


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