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The Team Disney Building in Burbank, CA is very unique representing the great cooperation that is the Walt Disney Company. This is building which is located on the Walt Disney Studio lot in Burbank is where the CEO and Chairman of Disney Bob Igor works. One can say that is building is Disney’s Headquarters. The key uniqueness of this building is the 7 dwarfs from Disney’s first full length animated film “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” is displayed holding the roof and the dwarfs themselves are the pillars that give this building a very modern Roman-type look. What is also unique is that is also contains a “Hind Mickey” with the curved arches on the side of the building facing the intersection of Alameda and Buena Vista. There is also an underground parking structure that goes down 4 stories. There is also a plaza that houses plaques of Disney legend’s handprints and a statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse.

This building has a significants to myself for being the first building that my dad worked at when he first started at Disney back in 2003. It was the first time I was ever aloud to visit a movie studio without being on a tram and freely walk around and explore the Walt Disney Studios and still to this day my dad works at Disney but sadly not in this building. He works at the building next to this one, but it is still on the studio lot and that is what makes it awesome.

Facts: Also known as the Michael D. Eisner Building. Architect is Michael Graves. Built in 1985.

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  1. I’ve always wanted to go here! My favorite part is the seven dwarfs as the pillars.

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