Survivor’s Staircase, World Trade Center

IMG_0268┬áSo this is what’s known as the survivor’s staircase and it is from the 5 World Trade Center Building, which was right next to the 2 north and south towers that collapsed. We visited New York a couple winters ago and we made it a point to go down and see the 9/11 memorial, and honestly it was the building that resonated with us the most. I believe every person should go and visit this building just to be able to see, hear, somewhat experience just a glimpse of what these people went through on that day. They say this staircase was an escape route for hundreds of people evacuating the building, and after the towers had fallen it was the only part of the structure still standing above the rubble. There were some parts of the museum that pictures weren’t allowed, but in the parts that were allowed we were sure to take a bunch, because you’re just so in awe of everything. I think this day basically affected nearly every person on earth, but visiting this particular museum (and seeing things like this staircase) really affected me and make me sit back and really reflect on what happened to all those innocent people.

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