Steven Holl- Y House

Located on a remote hillside in Catskill, NY is the Y House. The Y house is a weekend retreat that is 3,500 feet and has a design that forks into a Y shape up the hill which allows natural light to flood into the main area. The geometry contains a sectional flip of public/private and day/night with bedrooms below and living above. Maximum wall hanging space to accommodate a contemporary art collection is balanced with windows framing unique views. Deep balconies facing nearly due south act as passive solar devices allowing the winter sun to penetrate the interiors while excluding the hot summer sun. Steel framing and roof are iron-oxide red, siding is stained cedar while interiors are white with ash floors. The Y house is super fascinating to me because I have never seen a house split like it does. I really like how open and large it makes the rooms look. It fits in with the hills and even though it is a very different and interesting piece art, it looks like it belongs there with the open range ( house 2 Y house Y house 3

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