Steven Holl- Little Tesseract

I was attracted to this building by my architect initially because of the name. I am a huge Marvel fan so any reference to the Tesseract catches my attention. After examining the structure of this building, I was very impressed at how aesthetically pleasing and efficient this design is. It is 1,500 square feet in Dutchess County, NY. A hollow charcoal cube is warped by distorting forces opening a triangle of light from above. This cubic wooden structure is linked by an exoskeletal steel “L” to an existing stone “U.” The link, like a porch, is a temperate zone with operable glass. From the central room of the stone “U” one moves down a slight ramp in the steel “L.” Space then overlaps diagonally connecting upward toward the triangle of light. This central spatial connection fuses contrasting materials. A solar stack wall in structural glass planks heats the cube in winter and cools via stack effect in summer. PV cells assist the electrical system. Steel windows slice through the dark stucco on steel plate blades forming viewing frames from the interior with unified white plaster head/jamb/sill. ( Little TesseractLittle Tesseract 1Little Tesseract 2

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