Steilneset Memorial – Peter Zumthor

Steilneset Memorial

Peter Zumthor is also known to for the Steilneset Memorial in Vardo Norway. Zumthor worked with Louise Bourgeois to design the monument. The Steilneset Memorial was built in memory of 91 individuals who were convicted of witchcraft and burned for it.

Steilneset Memorial

There are two separate buildings for the memorial; one being Zumthor’s narrow wooden structure, framing a fabric cocoon. There are 91 windows in the slim building, and each window hangs a light bulb, representing each individual.

The light bulbs on the inside of the memorial.

The other is a building that holds Bourgeois’ work: seven mirrors resembling judges, all facing a metal, steel chair in the middle.

The seven mirrors and single chair.

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  1. Kiso says:

    This is an interesting place; I like how well the natural elements are just as harsh and somber as the structure itself. It terrifies that a misunderstanding of people can lead to a mass killing. At least they’re being paid homage to. Do you know how long the trials were?

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