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The Staples Center in Downtown Los Angeles is pretty amazing and unique. First off, this is the only arena in the US to be home to two NBA teams (Lakers and Clippers), NHL (Kings) and WNBA (Sparks). What is interesting about that is on some weekends the Staples Center will host both a NBA or NHL game in the afternoon and another game in the evening ON THE SOMEDAY. To me that is crazy, but I have seen them do it in time-lapse videos on Youtube. This arena has seen quite a lot of significant events, to name a few it has hosted seven NBA Finals series with Lakers, two Stanley Cup Finals series, 2000 Democratic Convention, NBA and NHL All Star games include next years NHL All Star in 2017 and possible NBA in 2018, the Grammy Awards, several concerts, boxing, and Michael Jackson’s Funeral. That is just a taste of what this very busy and crazy arena has seen since it opened in 1999.

What makes this arena significant to me is that its like a second home. My family has season tickets to the Los Angeles Kings NHL team and when I was back in LA I would go to all the game, including playoffs. My favorite moment at this building might have been witnessing the Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals as the Kings beat the New York Rangers in double overtime to win the Stanley Cup, I lost my voice for a week after the celebrations and seeing the cup come out and watching the Kings skate around with it. Every time I am home I always go to the Staples Center and watch my Kings take on who ever.

Facts: Opened in 1999, built in 1998. Replaced the Forum as the new home for the Lakers and Kings. Seats about 19,000 for Clippers and Lakers, about 18,000 for Kings. Architect group is NBBJ. Operated by AEG.

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3 Responses

  1. Morgan Mays says:

    This building is ubiquitous in the professional sports industry and is played at least every 3 hours on ESPN. The amount of fans that visit the stadium annually has got to be pretty amazing, especially with the building hosting basketball and hockey. The building is a visually interesting structure and I hope to catch a Lakers game there one day, provided they restore their team to what it should be.

  2. Hieu Tran says:

    Even though the Staples Center has housed multiple types of sports games, I find it really cool that League of Legends chose this as their venue for the 2013 World Championship Finals. I was pretty impressed when I found out that it sold all of the seats within an hour of the tickets being released to the public.

  3. Dione says:

    I have never been to a game inside the Staples Center, but I been to the area and I love everything they have done to that part of downtown around the Staples Center ! My brother lives in LA and has gone to the Staples Center for several occasions. Next time I visit, I need to have a reason to get inside there.

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