St. Mary’s Catholic Church

St. Mary’s Catholic Church is located in Helena, Arkansas and was designed by Charles Eames and Robert Walsh. The Church has a simple style but is clearly defined by sharp edges. It has a Gothic style but does not showcase the statues (besides one on the front of the building), and structures that are sometimes associated with this style. Rather this building showcases stained glass windows that allow colorful light to shine through. In addition, elaborate brass lighting, the carpentry on cabinets and pews where considered Charles Eames’ first production of furniture in bulk. The windows that surround the building are very skinny and long allowing the size of the building to be recognized and colorful light shinning through to be directed to particular areas of the auditorium. The design of this church propelled both Eames’ and Walsh’s careers forward and gained them national recognition. The thing I like best about this building is that its simple design does not take away from the purpose of the building.






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