Second Baptist Church


Second Baptist Church is located in Houston, Texas. This building was both my church as well as my school for my entire life. Therefore, this specific building holds a very special place because I basically grew up there. I always said that it was my second home because I spent about as much time there as I did at my own home. My school was a private school within the church and I attended it from pre-K until 12th grade. My church was where I got baptized, where I made my all of my friends, and even where my parents first met. The majority of my life experiences have been spent at Second Baptist from going to church and vacation bible school to attending school there everyday. Going to school at a mega-church is extremely different from just attending a regular public school. We did not have your regular hallways or classrooms because our building was also the church building. We had a lot of assemblies in the chapel, which is something very different from other schools. It is an experience I sometimes took for granted. However now even when I pass by that building I feel extremely nostalgic because that building is associated with so many different memories for me and helped shape who I am today.

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  1. dave boeck says:

    That is a classic traditional church form-very attractive

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