Seattle Space Needle

I haven’t personally been able to walk on the observation deck of the Space Needle, but I hope too here in the near future. On a clear day most people say they can even see Mount Rainier. I just think the structural integrity and fortitude of the space needle makes it so much more interesting to me. I remember watching a documentary in my high school drafting class about the integrity of the space needle and what all it can withstand. A couple of the little facts I remember were that at the observation deck with a 10 mph gust the structure moves about one inch, and with every added 10 mph the structure sways another one inch. Another cool fact I remembered was that the Seattle Space needle can hold up and keep structurally sound even dealing with earthquakes up to 9.1 on the Richter scale. After a little more research I also found that the space needle can withstand up to category-5 hurricane force winds. The elevator to the top of the space needle normally travels at around 10 miles per hour, but on windy days the elevator slows down to 5 miles per hour. The top of the space needle also has 25 lightning rods.



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  1. I’ve never been to Seattle, but if I did go, I would definitely have to visit the space needle. I bet the view is amazing from the observation deck, unless it is a cloudy day!

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