Scotland Street School Museum – Charles Mackintosh


The Scotland Street School Museum was actually a former school designed by Charles Mackintosh around 1906. This is yet another architectural model that Mackintosh wanted full control over to represent his full design and express all of his interests to exude artistic and design excellence, but with a school board battling with his designs to keep things under budget and not as extravagant he struggled to find the middle ground. The building itself is actually pretty similar to Mackintosh’s design of The Lighthouse, with reddish bronze brick and using his precision and skills to have splits in the continuous exterior with protruding winding stair cases. He also loved natural light and bringing as much in as possible. From the exterior of the building it looks somewhat like an old fortress with the corners of the building being wrapped with the rounded brick designs. The current Museum actually holds events and other venues as well, one being that people can come in and experience what it would be like in the old Victorian classrooms. In 2014 the building also achieved the Silver Award from the Green Tourism Business Scheme through their acts to try and remain as environmentally safe and making better options to keep up with their substantial energy saving options.

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