Sarkeys Energy Center

Sarkeys Energy Center is the largest and tallest building on the campus of the University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma, United States. It houses several academic units mainly centered on the Earth sciences. Wikipedia.  This look like there is two building connect to each other.   The tallest building contained most graduated student office and professor offices.  Another side of the building are only three floors.  Most of them are laboratories for engineer students.

I if Devon Hall is white brick, Sarkeys Energy Center is red.  I also come here every week for my lab. I never been higher third floor.Sarkeys Energy Center

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  1. connor marsh says:

    Sarkeys is a very interesting building and it can be confusing to navigate if you are not familiar with the layout. I took a class in Sarkeys and one of our projects was to tour and take note of what sections of the building were used for what and I found the layout to be different from any building I have ever been in. The bottom floors and basement were class rooms and labs, and gave me a somewhat ominous vibe. I also went up to one of the upper floors to meet with my professor and it was a completely different feel, I felt like I was in a corporate office building rather than a school building.

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