Sarkeys Energy Center.

This building is at the North East corner of the Norman Campus and it was built in 1991. Sarkeys houses two faculties: Mewbourne School of Petroleum and Geological Engineering and the Department of Geography and Environmental Sustainability. It is 15 stories high, with a large maze-like basement and ground floor. Its third floor is interesting because it can be accessed from ‘the ground’, but it is essentially elevated by ramps and stairs. It also leads to a plaza of some sort with what looks like pyramids and greenhouse (but it is really a translucent screening). From the basement these translucent screens serve as the atrium, allowing the passage of natural light. Up on the plaza there are benches, plants and a statue.

Mewbourne School of Petroleum & Geological Engineering

The Plaza at the entrance to the 3rd floor



This is the Atrium from outside: looks like a greenhouse

This is the Atrium from outside: looks like a greenhouse

What I like the most is the interior of the building. Its floors are polished concrete, and the walls are adorned with displays of geological wonders. The entrance to the Youngblood Library is even more beautiful because its walls are large polished slabs of an excavated rock with impressions of mollusks and plants. My favorite space is the atrium: it is a relaxing place to study, an even better place to fall asleep in with natural light hitting and warming you up and  a slight smell of coffee from the bedrock cafe. It has fascinating decorations: two monks sculptures, several Aztec tapestries, and rustic wood tables. The leather couches add to the atmosphere of the place. Besides napping and studying there, I have come to love that space so much because that’s where my classmates and I would strike up the best conversations while waiting for our classroom to free up. Additionally I frequented it on so many morning to get a coffee when I had a 9 a.m class, and no matter how late for the class I was, I would take a moment to appreciate the natural lighting there.


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3 Responses

  1. Cole McCrary says:

    I can’t say I like this building. I have only had one class in here but it was an 8:30 class and being a freshman in the dorms, it was one long cold walk. So this building holds noting but dislike from me, it is kind of a cool building though it does seem dated.

    • Kiso says:

      I can see how that kind of experience could spoil your view of the building. I honestly hated it in freshman year as well, particularly for it weirdly Room lettering & numbering.

  2. Dylan Perry says:

    This building isn’t really special from the outside, and is a bit confusing on the inside. The thing this building accomplishes is making a great study location and also an interesting place to kill time with all of its exhibits.

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