Rockefeller Plaza, New York City

IMG_1242┬áThis is Rockefeller Plaza in Manhattan. Once we got to the city, Rockefeller Center was actually one of the first places we planned on visiting. And honestly this particular building was at the center of our most memorable moment of the trip. Our last night there we went to The Tonight Show w Jimmy Fallon, which was literally like a once in a lifetime opportunity, so that was a really special memory for us. Unfortunately they don’t allow phones or pictures in the studio, so I didn’t snatch any pictures form the inside, but the memories are good enough. ┬áThe building itself and the ice rink that accompanies it are also great works of art, not to mention the history behind the Rockefeller family and their wealth as well. I can’t wait to go back!

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2 Responses

  1. Dione says:

    I am upset that I did not take more time to see certain historic skyscrapers such as the Rockefeller tower when I last visited New York. I agree the history behind the Rockefeller family is so fascinating. They were really celebrities back then!

  2. Audie Hamon says:

    I am extremely jealous of you for being able to experience all the greatness of 30 Rock! I am a Film and Media studies major and it’s my dream to work in that building one day as an SNL writer. Maybe the day I get to start working there I’ll snap you some pics of all the behind the scenes of the Tonight Show. Just to make up for what you couldn’t do.

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