Riverside Museum

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Riverside Museum was designed by Zaha Hadid and is located in Glasgow Scotland. The museum was completed in 2011. It is a museum of transportation and is on the banks of the River Clyde so that visiting watercraft can dock closely. The wave-like outline connects the city to the bank of the river. It is said to symbolize the relationship Glasgow has to seafaring and ship building. I am beginning to notice a pattern by Zaha Hadid in projects she designs that are associated with water such as London Aquatics Centre and Sheikh Zayed Bridge. The outlines of all those designs mimic water or waves. I think that is interesting and is one of my favorite aspects of Hadid’s work!

The large glass front helps to light the exhibition space and gives a view of the rivers Clyde and Kelvin. There are cafe and patio spaces to enjoy the view this location provides. The interior of the exhibition space does not include any columns as to keep the line of sight across the floor open. Looking at the museum from the aerial view shows a zig-zag shaped roof. This design actually helps to support the roof without the need for as many secondary support structures. If ever given the chance I know I would go and visit this one of a kind museum!

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