Reunion Tower

Reunion Tower has always been an important structure to me. Growing up in Dallas, this is the building that stands out the most and is most recognizable in the Dallas skyline. As a young child, I got the privilege of going inside of the Reunion Tower. I was fascinated by the long thin structure of the building and the elevator that took you to the top of the ball. Once getting to the top of the tower there is a fantastic restaurant that is different than most restaurants. It is different because while you are eating, the restaurant slowly moves in a clockwise motion. The movement is slow enough to where you cannot tell while you are up there but you are definitely moving and if you get up to go to the bathroom, there is a good chance whoever you are with has moved spots a little bit. This building has always reminded me of home and is a powerful symbol for the city of Dallas. As long as I am driving into Dallas and can see “the ball” standing long and proud, I know that I am home.


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