Resort Hotel Energy Saving with Encon Optimization

Resort Hotel Energy Saving, The Residence Hotel Mauritius

Encon’s specialized chiller optimization procedure helped the 5star luxury seafront resort hotel in cutting down energy bill by operating lesser chiller compressors. The client’s testimonial from chief engineer confirms the beach hotel operation with 6nos chiller compressors during the first half of December and 7nos during the second half of December instead of normal 8nos during the peak summer month in December. 

Resort Hotel Energy Saving Testimonial

December is the peak summer month at this Southern hemisphere in Mauritius. The optimization procedure in the centralized air conditioning system has helped the beach resort hotel in lowering total energy consumption to below 700,000kWh units during the peak summer month at 70% occupancy with 163rooms.

The hotel’s energy efficiency measured in Specific Energy Consumption (SEC) in kWh per square meter per year was 188 pre-audit which would improve to 150 after implementation of all energy audit recommendations.

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