Qasar Al Sarab

Qasar Al Sarab

Another influential building from my trip to the UAE is the one pictured above. Located in the middle of the largest sandy desert in the world, the Rub Al Khali, sits a resort in spa that was made to blend in with the sand. Although this isn’t the greatest representation of how beautiful the building is itself, my photograph allows you to see how it fits in with the scenery of sand dunes. This resort does not follow the traditional Islamic architecture on the outside, but the front lobby is like stepping into a grand mosque. It is open with ornate carvings on the wall, and large carpets stretching across the floor. The outside looks almost biblical with its primitive walls and sandstone bricks.

When looking at the building, it always made me feel at peace (which is what the designs were intended for since it is a resort and spa). It is definitely beautiful, especially set against the sunset of a Middle Eastern evening.

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