Price Hall

Price Hall

Price Hall

The School of Business at The University of Oklahoma was blessed by quite a donation by Investor and former alumni Michael F. Price in the late 1990s. The eight figure donation spurred the construction of a new structure that was added to the former school of business doubling its effective size. Appropriately named after the donor the 55,000+ square foot building was finished in 2005.

Whenever I think of Price Hall I recall my early experience with the building, arriving off of Asp Street the building was presented in a grand matter. It was late in May the temperature was typical for Oklahoma in the high 90s, the water fountain was roaring a streams of water upward, and the sun was baking any unprotected skin. The overbuilt building had an exterior of concrete and red brick and sides that were filled with gigantic gorgeous windows, the feeling this building projected on to myself was professional sophistication. As a business student I will never forget the effects this building has had on my education, the amenities provided by this structure would include but no be limited to: study lounges, computer labs, executive conference rooms, a student development center, and numerous faculty offices that collaborate and keep the college of business a top tier academic institution. The positive impression this building has projected onto myself will be had for a lifetime.

Morgan Mays

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