Pinnacle Bank Arena



Pinnacle Bank Arena is the new home for the University of Nebraska Basketball teams, hockey, boxing, UNL Volleyball on occasion, and now a large and comfortable environment for concerts and other assorted venues. Pinnacle Bank Arena is located in Lincoln, Nebraska in the West Haymarket district which has been a highly developed and revamped part of Lincoln with businesses growing constantly and still reclaiming some of the rundown and forgotten parts of Lincoln. The arena contains 15,147 seats with, 36 executive suites, 832 club seats, 73 concession stands, 2 major private lounges, and a UNL Husker team store. The arena official opened August 16th, 2013 after a little under a 2 year growth and construction period. I really like how it turned out and my favorite part of the arena now is how much natural light you get shining through with all of the glass in front. Once you get up in the second and third tiers as well its a pretty awesome view of the Haymarket below and all the people enjoying themselves and walking the streets. As for the exterior, I think it is pretty interesting to incorporate the metal and the dark brick. I think its a great combo and personally I think it mixes well and gives a very clean grasp of the natural brick and stone stadium appearance and enhancing that with a more futuristic look with the metal mixed in. I have been to a couple basketball games here with my friends and two of my cousins have had their graduation ceremonies in the arena as well.

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