Physical Science Center

Physical Science Center

Physical Science Center

Dubbed “The blender” due to its notorious shape the Physical Sciences Center at the University of Oklahoma is the campuses main area to study math. Rumors of the design say the building was built to be riot proof so it could withstand student demonstrations of anti-war ideals during the Vietnam conflict, other rumors place the design as a way to increase the cooling efficacy for reduced air conditioning during the hot Oklahoma summer. Whatever the case the all concrete structure stands 12 stories tall and has to be the ugliest building on campus by a long shot.

The building leaves the impression of cold war era construction that emphasized on structural rigidity instead of visual aesthetics. My encounter with the building was during a calculus course and I wasn’t a fan of the dark and gloomy building. Lacking in modern amenities and plagued by 1960s architecture the structure has the most claustrophobic classrooms and bathrooms of anywhere on campus. Big, inverted, and ugly would best describe this mid-20th century academic structure.


Morgan Mays

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