Paul Andreu: Charles-de-Gaulle Airport Terminal 1

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Paul Andreu has worked on the conception and development of Paris’ Charles-de-Gaulle Airport for over thirty years. Terminal 1 was completed in 1974. The road and bridge that leads to the terminal is cool. The way it spirals around the terminal is a great design. The tubes with the top half as glass inside of the terminal that are the stairs are a modern design that aren’t even used today. Andreu was ahead of his time then, and is still waiting for others to catch up to him.

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2 Responses

  1. alex plotkin says:

    I have been to Charles-de-Gualle Airport twice in my life. I have also been to Paris twice. Both times I have been to this airport I have not gone to this terminal. But i have found it curious about its design. Though its not practical in todays standards, nethertheless it is a fascinating piece of architecture.

  2. I agree with Alex.. very practical and you would imagine that more people would utilize a layout like that. It must be a bit more complex than what it actually looks

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