My Old House


This is a house in my hometown that I lived in for a short time. This house is rather unique because it was designed to have butlers living there with you. It has 6 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms. The kitchen has a butlers pantry attached which leads directly into the dining room. The original house design had buzzers near the tables to call the butler in for service during meals, but the buzzers have since been removed. There is also a private butlers staircase because the original designers tried to keep the life of the butler as separate as possible from their own. No butlers have lived in the house for at least 60 years so all staircases and pantries are used at convenience by the homeowners. The house also has paintings on the walls in each bathroom to emphasize the history in it. For example, the downstairs bathroom contains a mural of scenes from the famous “Gone With the Wind.” Personally, I really enjoyed living in this house and getting to hear the unique history behind it’s design. Those passing by were often struck by the columns on the front of the house and many stopped in to see the house and hear the stories behind it. Living there is definitely an experience I will always remember.

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