My Grandma’s House


My grandma’s house has always been like my second home and is a special place in my life. It has made a lasting impact on me from the memories and people it brought to me. The house stands for family and all of the traditions I grew up with. There was never a specific encounter I had with it that directly impacted me, rather it has been the summation of all the times I spent there. When we have holiday or Sunday dinners there the house is full of my family.┬áIt was built in the late 1960’s and that is displayed by its low roof, bricks, and long floor plan. Her and my grandpa moved into it when my mom was a baby so it has been in my family for a while. My grandmother even lived just down the road when she was growing up!

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  1. Nhu Vu says:

    That’s amazing to have such family history in that house! To be able to go to your grandmother’s house, where you made so many memories, is awesome to continue to have in the family. The house is really cute and the yard looks well manicured. I can image a lot of kids running around out front with that large yard and land surrounding the house.

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