My childhood house

Blog 1  – my childhood house

The first building I chose for this assignment is one I have known for a very long time. It has influenced me overall in a positive way. This building is the house that I grew up in, and my family has lived there my entire life. It’s a relatively unassuming middle class home in a middle class neighborhood. To anyone outside my family it would represent very little. But to me, it represents a foundation—stable and lasting, if only because my family has lived there for my entire memory and more. Every time I go back there, it gives me feelings of comfort and security. Whether it’s been coming home from school when I was younger, or having just finished football practice in high school, or returning from a vacation, or now visiting my parents as a break from college, it’s always a positive sight for me to see. That isn’t to say I haven’t had negative times there either, or that it isn’t just like any other contractor-designed middle class house, but it’s still the place I have always been able to call home.

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