Michael Reynold’s- Solar and Wind Homes

Michael Reynolds created a greenhouse that provided solar-generated heat. There is a pyramid built without any steel, which he can use on his own if he wants to get away. He uses this as his own private retreat when he also needs to be alone, to process, or to play music. He considered his wind-turbine home to be only energy-self-sufficient that is structured. He supported his own personal design turbine on four massive poles. The wind grabber is connected to a generator along with two panels of photovoltaic cells. Then, once the turbine is complete, his built tire-and-adobe walls between the poles leaves the south side and opens for the greenhouse. It’s 600 square-foot “winsome”. It captures the wind and the sun. Turns them into electricity and heat, recycles all its own water, stays cool in the summer and warmer in the winter. This allows the owner to grow his own food. Utility bill is $20 which, allows the company to keep the home’s refrigerator and stove going every three months.

michael reynolds 01 phase I - 600 jpgMichael-Reynolds-Earthship-Argentina-6

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  1. Its so crazy to see that people really live in these Earthships. Having the ability to grow their own food and having such low bills must feel really nice. I’m not sure If I could ever live in on, but I think its cool that they exist and are environmentally friendly.

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