Michael Reynolds- Pit House

Now, Michael Reynolds is in the process of building a one-big-room-and-bath called the “Pit House”. He wants to provide his wife her own private place. The 14-by-28-foot rectangle is dug six feet into the earth, but the south wall is three feet high and forms benches that will be part of the room’s furniture. The upper portion of the wall will be 4-by-6- foot glass panels that make up a solar collector area and offers a view. The earthen floors and walls will support thermal mass and woodstoves too. He thinks the cost will be about $8,000 especially with hired help. After completing the Pit, he plans on working on his next project called the “Dynosphere.” It is a rotating wind turbine that looks spherical when revolves in a high wind atop that supports it 40-foot.

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