Manufacturer of Super Tuned Harmonic Filter

We are manufacture of Super Tuned harmonic filter which offers the best profitable functions to industry for troubleshooting failure and permits full load plant operation and energy saving.

We proactively tune our harmonics filter that absorb most of your plant generated and electrical power system’s harmonics. It hugely relieves your plant and machineries from the onslaught of harmonic distortions, that starting from downstream at load delivery points extents up to upstream with its interconnected power systems. While your electrical equipment are designed for a 50hz (or 60hz) frequency capability; harmonic distortions put addition loads on equipment, extents of which depend upon power system harmonics, namely Total Harmonic Distortion Current (THDi) and Total Harmonic Distortion Voltage (THDv) which are predominately in the regions of 150hz, 250hz, 350hz, 550hz and 650hz for 50hz for industrial and commercial systems.

Harmonic Solution

Peers in the industry somehow fit in, for PF improvement purpose, detuned harmonic filter, or active harmonic filter with or without STATCON, and do so where ever your available equipment overcapacity dilutes overall harmonic distortions in that part of your electrical power system. At such easy galloping, it can’t prevent even occasional equipment tripping or failures on account of voltage fluctuations/sags either from external grid sources or within your plant’s electrical power system.

With Encon, you are 100% certain about the success of your harmonics distortion correction project. It mitigates majority of all your reported problem, tripping and equipment failure issues on a sustainable basis. In-addition it effects energy saving, higher productivity with your existing equipment footprint, better quality of finished product, and minimizes rejection at every quality check-point in your process.

We have custom designed, manufactured and supplied super tuned harmonic filters to all industry segments including utility auxiliary loads, building and commercial facilities. Read many case studies across industries following the webpage Manufacturer of Harmonic Filters.

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