Louis Kahn- Phillips Exeter Academy Library

IMG_1252 IMG_1253 IMG_1254 This is another one of Kahn’s most impressive pieces and it is the Phillips Exeter Library in Exeter, New Hampshire. It is a four story library that has Louis Kahn’s fingerprints all over it. Looking at it from the outside, you can see that it does look somewhat interesting and unique with all the windows and gaps in the walls, but yet it doesn’t seem to be anything spectacular. However, once you go inside is when Kahn’s architectural style and greatness is brought to attention. The symmetry and geometrical details are what catches your eye and is what really captures Kahn’s essence as an architect. The building is functional and meets the needs of the readers first while still standing as an innovative structure in itself. It is, in Kahn’s words, “the thoughtful making of spaces.”

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