Lincoln Memorial, Washington, D.C.

The Lincoln Memorial is a special place for me which has affected me positively every time I’ve visited it. As a D.C. area resident, the Lincoln Memorial is my usual late-night bike ride destination. Late in the evenings, it is eerily quiet on the Washington Mall. The massive, roof supported by the large, white columns make the memorial resemble the Greek Parthenon. The symmetry and sharp corners give a sense of a building properly brought from plan to reality. The illuminated white walls also provide stark contrast with the nocturnal obscurity – a trait shared by the Washington Monument and the United States Capitol – which draws attention. The Reflecting Pool also provides a beautiful reflection of the building, blurring out the lights on the water.

I think it’s an appropriate tribute to Abraham Lincoln, in that the force of presence the building exercises on passersby and visitors is beyond words – just like Lincoln’s legacy. This is why I like it so much: at night, despite the silence, the force of presence weighs down on my shoulders, just like the Capitol. It’s an imposing landmark that captivates people who visit from around the nation and around the world.

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  1. I visited the Lincoln Memorial a few summers ago when I visited Washington D.C. and I was amazed how tall and big Abraham Lincoln was! I also think the inscriptions of Lincoln’s second inaugural address and Gettysburg address were pretty cool additions.

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